MEDIDENT was established in 1977 offering traditional western style, high quality hands-on family Medicine and Dental care for all ages. Medident has a comprehensive, service oriented, modern approach to patient care. Our doctors work with the whole family to prevent illnesses in a committed way. The clinic central location in MSQ made it a popular choice for expatriates and omanis alike for all their health needs

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Medident is pleased to announce our new addition to the Dental Department. Dr.Noura Al Hachimi graduated as an Orthodontist from Damascus University. She has over 15 years of experience in Orthodontics including the last ten years in Oman.
Dr.Noura is practices Dental & Maxillofacial Orthodontics using different types of Orthodontic appliances including the traditional ones like metal or cosmetic braces in addition to the clear Orthodontic aligners.
She has a special interest in treating children both for general cases and Orthodontic cases starting with the easy approaches by using different techniques of preventive Orthodontics like stopping the bad habits (thumb sucking for example) followed by a comprehensive Orthodontic treatment including functional appliances for the upper or lower jaws deformities taking the advantage of the growth spurt in this group of young patients. But this does not mean that the adults are not good candidates for braces. Healthy teeth can be adjusted at any age.

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We operates an appointment system but caters for urgent and emergency cases as well
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